My name is Megan Kalkstein and I have had a passion for healthy living for most of my life. My master’s degree from Clayton College of Natural Health in Holistic Nutrition further expanded my knowledge of the connection between food and health. Nothing brings greater joy to me than providing my clients with the tools and information to live their most energetic life and to understand how to nourish their bodies through the foods they eat. I am able to share with them the principles of eating a holistic diet.

My clients learn recipes, are provided with shopping lists, and quickly understand that healthy food not only nourishes the body, but tastes wonderful and satisfies your appetite. I do not teach or approve of “diets”. I teach people a lifestyle that enjoys food as one of our greatest pleasures, and promotes wellness almost exclusively as the result of nutrition and that lifestyle.

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I have recently completed the Functional Nutrition Coaching Program from mindbodygreen.