When it comes to health, your overall PH is extremely important.  PH stands for the potential of hydrogen, which is a measurement of the hydrogen ion concentration in the body.  The PH number determines whether your body is in a healthy state of alkalinity or overly acidic and potentially inflamed. Experts say disease is not possible in an optimal alkaline state. The PH scale ranges from 1-14, with 1 being the most acidic, 7 being neutral, and 14 being the most alkaline.  For individuals the ideal PH reading is 7.3-7.45, slightly alkaline. If you would like to test your PH you can purchase strips on line or in many health food stores.

What you are eating is constantly impacting the PH in your body. In “general,” animal foods such as meet and dairy, are acidic, while plant based foods like fruits and vegetables, are alkaline. Other factors such as environmental toxins, household chemicals, soaps and detergents, can also effect PH. In addition, processed foods and a diet high in sugar can also cause you to be overly acidic.

To summarize, there are numerous ways to improve alkalinity in your body:

Add lemon to your water

Eat a diet rich in green vegetables and fresh fruits

Stay away from processed and fried foods

Keep your sugar intake to a minimum

Drink quality purified fresh water

Clean with vinegar and other natural household products

Eat grass fed organic animal products

And finally, sweat the toxins out of your body through exercise, hot yoga, a steam or a sauna.  You can also relax in an epson salt bath with several drops of lavender oil for a calming way to help reset your PH.


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