Eating Well


Genetically modified organisms, commonly known as “GMOs,” have been around since the 1980’s and are plants scientifically altered to resist insects without the application of …

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The word fat still conjures up a negative image with most people; however, “fat” in our diet is not just essential as a macronutrient, but …

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Soda and the American Diet

SUGAR IS EIGHT TIMES AS ADDICTIVE AS COCAINE Recent studies have shown that almost 90 percent of kids and 50 percent of the US population …

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Detoxing with Abundant Winter Superfoods

Now that January is here and the holidays are over many of you are feeling the need to get back on track and recover from …

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My Top Positive Weight Loss Tips

1. Take measurements at the start of your weight loss program and weigh yourself regularly. Be sure to use the same scale and weigh only …

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Helpful tips on reducing the amount of sugar in your diet

“Sugar is inflammatory, and inflammation is now believed, correctly, to be connected to all degenerative disease. Diets that are lower in sugar and processed carbs …

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