Healthy Lifestyle Habits for Success

“Success leaves Clues” —Tony Robinson

1. Make Health your Lifestyle
It’s not about short term success, trying to look good for an event or milestone. Fit, healthy people make it a permanent lifestyle and prioritize it over the long haul.

2. Make it Fun
Finding an activity that you enjoy will ensure a greater chance of success. Monotony, either planned or self imposed, derails a lot of people. Look for new activities, such as cooking classes, trying a new sport, or exercising with a friend. Set a goal each season to try something new.

3. Embrace Moderation
Allowing yourself moderation in foods such as alcohol, dairy, and simple sugar, while emphasizing a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, healthy meats, fish, and whole grains maintains a healthy lifestyle while not punishing yourself for enjoying small portions of certain foods.

4. Make it Competitive
Find your inner athlete, compete against yourself, have a plan and follow that plan. Keeping a journal or records can also help you to improve.

5. No More Wagon
No more giving yourself permission to go on a food or alcohol bender. Healthy people maintain 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, with embracing these lifestyle and moderation habits. Remember, enjoy the brownie, hopefully homemade, and move on. Moderation is key, don’t let the wheels come off the track!
This also goes for work outs. Taking a day off once or twice a week is good for recovery, just don’t get derailed. Try changing your activity with the seasons.

6. Defer to the Experts and Be Open to Being Coached
Just like you would hire an accountant to do your taxes, a lifestyle coach has knowledge and expertise on the keys to success.

7. Keep it Uncomplicated and Straightforward
Don’t attempt workout programs that are too advanced or too boring. You end up hopping from one workout to the next, which can lead to burnout or apathy. Find that activity that you enjoy; walking, dance classes, swimming, just keep moving.

8. Change in Diet is What Leads to Fat Loss
The goal of a good exercise program is to enhance fitness and performance, and does not always lead to fat loss.  A healthy lifestyle must incorporate both a holistic whole foods diet and an active lifestyle.  Food and fitness work hand in hand.


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