The Importance of Vitamin D

With the fall comes early sunsets, cooler temperatures and less outdoor activity time. Our skin no longer gets the exposure it was receiving during long hot summer days where all it took was 20 minutes a day to get a good does of the essential vitamin D to be absorbed into our bodies. It’s now time to supplement with a capsule vitamin D to ensure you are doing everything in your power to maintain a safe vitamin D range in your blood stream.

Vitamin D is a superstar as far as vitamins go. It has an impact on preventing depression, osteoporosis, breast cancer, psoriasis, asthma, prostate cancer, ms, cardiovascular disease, celiac disease, as well as many others. To compound the problem of seasonal deficiency it is only found in a few foods we eat and most of us can not get enough through diet and sun exposure for about 9 of the 12 months in the Maryland climate area.

A simple blood test can tell you your ng/ml range and you should shoot for a number close to or higher than 50 for optimal health. To find your level ask your doctor for a test or order a home kit you can do yourself. I recommend taking a Thorne vegetarian capsule of D­2000 daily or D­5000 at least three times a week from now until next June.

Vitamin D is fat soluble and stays in the blood stream which is why you can load up every other day. This is a broad recommendation and varies depending on how deficient you are and your body weight.

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